The beginning of the story

This journey began for me with Noma – not visiting it, but just the opportunity of going. I was supposed to be on a business trip to Copenhagen which involved a client dinner at the former no. 1 restaurant in the world (now no. 5). Excited would have been an understatement. I had researched the menu, scoured the web for photos, even dreamed about it.

However, at the last moment I could no longer go on the trip, and my chance of going to Noma evaporated. It’s hard to express how upset I was, and how silly it felt to be upset over a restaurant. In that moment, I realised how important food was to me, how much I was willing to travel and how far I was willing to go to discover food that was truly wonderful. A colleague shared Restaurant’s The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the gem of an idea was born. If I wanted to go to one world-class restaurant so much, imagine how I felt when I was presented with 50 of them.

With that, I began to make lists, drawing up budgets, travel plans, alerts for when different reservations opened, and the quest began. This quickly became almost as much fun as the restaurants themselves, as I researched cities, public transport routes, landmarks and hostels. I even made a map to help plot which restaurants were in convenient clusters for holidays. 

After a few months of hard saving, planning and waiting, we came to now. As the tour begins, I work up in the city Monday to Friday to fund my trips and travel the world on the weekends, searching for the best food humanity can produce. 

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